Your pension amount is depending on how many months and how much you paid. However, your receipt is subjected to income tax of 20.42%, and the tax is deducted from your receipts when you gettng pension back. As a result, your receipt amount is only 79.58%. Our Two services are to get MORE pensions back!

You can refund MORE pension.

We have two services for you to get more pension back; Standard Plan and Premium plan.

*Minimum fee is 50,000JPY for standard plan, 100,000JPY for premium plan
*Some expences will be deduceted so 89.58%(Standard Plan)and 84.58%(Premium Plan) are estimated only.

You pay nothing in advance!

We will charge you our fee from your pension so you pay nothing in advance.

Simple and Easy!

What to do is one time face to face meeting so procedure is simple and easy! Meeting time is only about from 30 minitute to 1 hour.


Your pension is 1,000,000JPY(estimated)

You can refund more pension with us comparing to do by yourself.
You pay nothing in advance because fee will be charged from your refunded pension.
Procedure is simple and easy because you just have one meeting.


Procedure is simple and easy.