We are Kuriki Labor and Social Security Attorney Office, government certified of Human Resource specialist and Pension consultant.
 Our job is to help foreign firms and foreign workers in Japan to solve problem relating with Human Resource and Pension.For foreign workers in Japan, we provide you services that help you to refund MORE pension in Japan when leaving Japan.

You can refund MORE pension!

 Pension refund, officially called the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments, is a goverment certified system for refunding pensions for all foreigners when leaving Japan.  

 You can see the pamphlet on the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments from Japan Pension Office here;
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If you satisfy all conditions below, you are eligible.

  1. You are non-Japanese
  2. You have paid Pension for over six months
  3. You have never received Japanese pension benefits

Important points

  • Receipts amount is up to how much how many years you paid
  • Receipts amount calculation is up to 36 month
  • Once refunding pensions, the periods is no longer valid